Binaural Recording
Hexa Rig - Binaural

Hexa Rig – Binaural

Super portable set of silicone human ears, carefully enclosed in an beautiful hexagonal wooden case. Allows you to record binaural sound on the go with its small size factor which fits any backpack (only 10x11x3cm). Just use your favourite set of omnidirectional capsules and get ready for some 3D audio adventure! A tripod mount screw at the bottom allows them to be attached to a wide amount of camera/tripod adapters.
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Dummy head without electronics

Mr Bin without microphones and electronics: Binaural Dummy head Recording system (assembled) containing: – Dummy Head – Silicone Ears – Wooden Base with XLR – Windshields This is a partial system to construct a complete Binaural microphone, specially suited for DIYers who wish to install their own electronics and microphones. Perfect for ASMR enthusiasts. This beautifull heads are an incredibl
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Internal Ear Support

Internal support: CNC Machined 6mm wooden supports. This are the needed piece to adapt silicone ears to Dummy Heads or any enclosure needed in a binaural or recording system. They seem like a stupid piece of wood, but after years of practice, I realiced how this crucial part of the kit made things extremely easy. The ear canal hole is 8mm diameter. Drill holes are 5mm. Material thickness is 6mm, other materials and t
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Wooden Base

Wooden Base: This are Wooden Bases to install in my Maniquin Heads. Machine precission with CNC, they provide an easy and elegant solution to assemble a DIY Dummy Head system. Also very used these days in ASMR systems. Beautifully finished with hand dye and several layers of wax for a durable and old looking finish. 2 XLR Connections included, making easy to add your own Microphones or capsules. The XLR allows for a
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Dummy Heads

This beautiful heads are an incredible help for DIYers involved in the construction of a Binaural Microphone. Once more, after receiving emails from users in the need of mannequin heads suitable for Binaural Recording, I decided to offer the same ones I found after literally years of sourcing and calling everywhere. As easy as it might look, finding the right head, shape, material, possible to work with… nice l
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Anti viento

Wind Shield: With this Wind Shields you wont have more problem with windy environments… It is a must if you want to be serious about nature of any exterior recordings, as wind is very easy to record without noticing and hard to eliminate in post processing stages. Perfect for ASMR recording and enthusiasts. It is also a very good camouflage companion, as nobody will notice the Human ears which are a big “magnet” for
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Silicone Human Ears

Silicone Ears: Due to the amount of emails I have received since I did my DIY Binaural Microphone project, I decided to offer some elements which are quite hard to find. As I explain in my article, the hardest part for me was to find proper and anatomically correct Silicone ear models. In the process of building my own pair, I ended up with molds and experience… I don’t see why not offer it here in case somebod
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