Sound libraries

Waveforms & Slices

Waveforms & Slicing V1: This Free sample pack contains Wave Forms from the “Adventure Kid” collection. Boosted by the Elektron User community now featuring 4400 Single cycle waveforms tuned in C. The waves are contained in more than 100 Sample Chains, the end of each file-name specifies how many slices there are. Featuring Commodore 64 Waveforms, retro computer games and synths, RAW Waves, classic ins
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free psytrance sample kicks

Free Psytrance Pack – Super Kicks – V1

Free PSYTRANCE DRUM KICKS Sample Pack by the Inspektor Gadjet. Here you have 8 free  drum kicks, powerfull and punchy collected from my own personal library of Psytrance Kicks. Tasty and punchy kicks I´ve used in my own psytrance productions. Instead on making a new kick on each tutorial, these kicks will be used the “Video tutorials” section of this website. There is a file named “SuperKicks V1 8 S
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Circuit Bending Library – CIRCUS BENT-V1

Circus Bent V1 First volume of the circuit bending sound library series. Some time a lot of the same is tiring, and when it comes to circuit bending this is a big true. In reality the best practice is to use a blend of them, in the right combination to get nice results without getting tired. This is why I put together the CIRCUS BENT Library, so you get a teaser of many devices in one package. CIRCUS BENT-V1 gathers
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The Roland TR 505 GT GT stands for Great trip… as any small performance in this device is always a Great Trip! Using a heavily modified TR505, this sound collection recreates the pure flavour of circuit bending and chiptunes in one. The patch bay allows for a huge amount of bending combinations. Many of the mods add some “Synth tone” character that resembles old computer gameboy sound, as is square
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Like a doctor uses his stethoscope, Inspektor Gadjet brings you an authentic journey in to the guts of his patients. Using some excentric recording techniques we are able to “listen” the language of circuits, electrons flowing trough traces which are impossible to hear in normal circumstances. Transforming electromagnetic fields in to sound and analyzing electronic devices, magnetic artifacts, enginesR
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