Circuit Bending Library – CIRCUS BENT-V1

Free Circuit Bending Library

Free circuit bending library. Octatrack friendly. Inspektor gadjet.

Circus Bent V1

First volume of the circuit bending sound library series.

Some time a lot of the same is tiring, and when it comes to circuit bending this is a big true. In reality the best practice is to use a blend of them, in the right combination to get nice results without getting tired.

This is why I put together the CIRCUS BENT Library, so you get a teaser of many devices in one package.

CIRCUS BENT-V1 gathers sounds from 4 different Circuit bent devices I modified such as:

Enfermous Furby
Vtech Computer
Fender Pink Special
Hungry Tambourine

The Sound library consist of:

  • 4 Bent Devices
  • 24Bits 44.1Khz
  • 4 LongShots for Slicing
  • OCTATRACK Demo Project

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