Custom Gameboy DMG

If you want to use your gameboy for making chiptune music, or just to have a much better sound and vision experience, customize some aspects of this console are highly recommended.

Perfect for using with LSDJ, Nanoloop, mGB, Arduinoboy. I will be soon providing with full option of Custom Gameboy + Arduinoboy MIDI Interface  matching color.

This is all about bringing this old toys back to glory, having a nice refurbish and cleaning, customizing the color and improving performance.

Many of the gameboy I have purchased online as “broken” were just in pretty bad conditions, and all they needed was some cleaning, some capacitors changes and a bit of love. Some times they come with dead pixels in the screen and this is also something important to fix.

The modifications I do to the Nintendo Gameboy DMG are:

Pro sound, capacitors replacement, bass improvement (Bass boost), pitch mod using LTC1799, back light ultra bright, dead pixels fixing, new screen covers, new buttons, case cleaning & refurbishing, whitening or painting.

If you want me to modify your own console, I will provide with this service for now. The total cost of a fully modified unit is 75€ + shipping

Link to my ETSY shop.

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