Free Psytrance Pack – Super Kicks – V1


free psytrance sample kicksFree PSYTRANCE DRUM KICKS

Sample Pack by the Inspektor Gadjet.

Here you have 8 free  drum kicks, powerfull and punchy collected from my own personal library of Psytrance Kicks. Tasty and punchy kicks I´ve used in my own psytrance productions. Instead on making a new kick on each tutorial, these kicks will be used the “Video tutorials” section of this website.

There is a file named “SuperKicks V1 8 Slices InspektorGadjet.wav”, which is nothing more than the 8 kicks one after the other at the same distance, so its easy to slice it in your favourite software or a sampler like the Octatrack.

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Enjoy them!

Content of the sample pack: – 8 Kicks – 24Bit/44.1Khz – 1 long sample with the 8 kicks ready to slice.

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