Circuit bending TR 505

I did this mod back in 2005 in my obsession to find a “controllable” circuit bending device. Midi was my way to go as it would allow more “in time” control from a secuencer… all my noise making devices were a bit usefull or lets say better “too random” when used live…

I got this 505 for 5 euro from ebay, as a broken unit, I fixed it and did all the bendings but it was one of my first circuit bending projects and the soldering was very poorly done, also the job paint was awfull, wood side panels and overall look, so I decided to refurbish it, fix all the electrical issues and add some more mods, like the global pitch control.

It allows you to switch “bending points” with rotary switches, then u can interconnect this with the patch bay, the points also have an “amount” knob which allows to sweep from no effect. There are 10 “Body contacts aswell at the bottom of the unit”.

Video is a bit long, not planned, but gives you an idea of the overall amount of sounds you can get… more audio demos with other external hardware soon!

If you want to see more images of the circuit bending proces please use this link.
And if you want to get the sound library generated with this device use this link.

Hope you enjoy it!