Hexa Rig – Binaural

  • Hexa Rig - Binaural
  • Hexa rig binaural

Super portable set of silicone human ears, carefully enclosed in an beautiful hexagonal wooden case. Allows you to record binaural sound on the go with its small size factor which fits any backpack (only 10x11x3cm).

Just use your favourite set of omnidirectional capsules and get ready for some 3D audio adventure!

A tripod mount screw at the bottom allows them to be attached to a wide amount of camera/tripod adapters. It can be installed in the Flash Cold Shoe of any DSLR, or use it on a standard tripod.

The three screws on each side allow the enclosure to be opened, this allows for different types of microphones & capsules to fit in the 1cm diameter ear canal hole.

For exterior recordings it is highly recommended to add a set of Ear Muphs (also in my shop), this will help with wind noise and also helps the ears to camouflage and pass unnoticed in areas where otherwise it would drive to much attention to your weird looking Biomechanical fellah :)

Link to my ETSY shop.