Modifyed gameboys, custom cases, prosound, pitch mod, back light, arduinoboy...
  • The DarthBoy
    Contact me for details and options.
  • NordicBoy
    Contact me for details and options.
    Unortodox sound libraries... Circuit bending, chiptune, electromagnetic & binaural recordings, Kicks...
    Modify your machine without the risks!!
  • Binaural Recording
    Microphones, Kits, Wind shields, Silicone Human ears...

Gadjet Shop

This is the Gadjet Shop

I will gather in this page the items I have available for sell in to different categories.

Please note that Inspektor Gadjet is a “one man” project. I do all the projects by myself, using a CNC, bending table, table saw, screen printing and many other solutions I built myself for this task trough years.

I do this because it´s a passion for me, and why not if somebody needs my services because they don’t want to build something, they don’t have the time, skills or they just don’t want to break an old device… I will be happy to help and provide certain things here so its an easier task for you to accomplish many of this projects.

Once a purchase is done, depending in the item, it might take me up to two weeks to ship. So please be patient with me, I always answer all my emails in a daily basis so please do not hesitate in contacting me for any details or doubts.