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    This section is intended as a collection of my different projects,where you will find my thoughts, steps and results that I came out with, so I hope this information is useful for you and will help you in your progress.

    In some of this articles I provided with not just information but also links to Free files, Circuit boards, Code and even some RAW sound takes from my experimental sound design researches.

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    The Frankenstein concept:

    My personal experience tells me that all projects are like a “collage”. A real puzzle (I prefer to call it Frankenstein) of parts that you create, or take from around and you blend in to something else.

    Of course you can be responsible of the code work,  hardware design of a project, writing a piece of music…. But if you dig deep in to someones brain, research, experiences, up rising, place where you live etc. You just repeat somehow things that you heard, saw… in your own unique way, and sometimes without even noticing.

    With music composing this is very obvious, is hard to invent something, or to be 100% original as the main elements you use are widely available… You get inspired by artists, events you go, new sounds from machines, software…

    When making a music device or an Arduino project, this is aswell quite obvious. Many people (included me) are not experts in certain areas like coding, electronics so you end up reading a lot, failing a lot, taking pieces of code and changing them to your needs, untill you start to understand more and more about what is going on…

    The internet allows us to do this, share stuff, get help from experts, read what others did and where they had trouble… It is your choice to share what you have learned, and in a way return  to the “source” this puzzle you made using parts from it.

    There is a very nice Ancient proverb (do not remember it exactly) that says something like this:

    Hide and you will lose, share and you will gain…

    I´ve created this area to offer some free things that might be useful for people. There are things I came across, guides I wrote, circuits, sound files, music…

    I hope you find it interesting and useful!


Programming the Arduino Micro

  I started using the Arduino Pro mini long time ago. Due to it´s small size it´s ideal for finished […]
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MidiBud is a DIY MIDI controller with a 16×2 display, EEPROM, push-button encoder and 5 buttons. The design is based […]
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CEREBEL-USB: USB to MIDI Converter In one of my odysseys to find the definitive Live set, I decided to try […]
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Auduino – Granular Synthesizer

The Auduino is an interesting little project that is perfect as a first sound experiment with the Arduino. Its simplicity […]
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Ultrasonic – MIDI Controller – ETHERUS

ETHERUS is my ultimate MIDI performance music controller based around arduino. It´s a dream come true after years of try […]
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Arduino Mini MIDI Module

Arduino DIY MIDI Shield

A bit of CNC Workaround: This is one of the first successful tests I made using my CNC. A simple […]
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Portable Binaural Rig

Another Model? Since I started designing binaural microphones and dummy heads, one of the main issues I’ve had were related […]
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Binaural Dummy Head – Pro V3

Pro V3 After long time of great results using my V1 and V2 binaural mics, some Sound Engineer friends asked […]
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Version 2 of the binaural recording mic

Binaural Microphone DIY – V2

BINAURAL MICROPHONE – DUMMY HEAD DIY V2 Advanced version and improved case strength of the Binaural Mic DUMMY Head. Binaural […]
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Binaural Mic - Inspektro gadjet - maledictis

DIY Binaural Dummy Head – Prototype v1

What is Binaural Recording: Binaural recording is a method of recording sound that uses two microphones, arranged with the intent […]
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Composite Mod – ATARI 2600

Introduction: I bought my ATARI 2600 (4 Switches) in the year 2003 on an international auction for 30 dollars. At […]
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  • Synthcart for the ATARI 2600 - inpektorgadjet.com
  • Synthcart for the ATARI 2600 - inpektorgadjet.com

Synthcart for the Atari 2600

1. INTRODUCTION The Synthcart is a cartridge for the Atari 2600 that turns the Atari into a musical instrument. The […]
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GameBoy Inverted Screen

This will be a quick post about the polarized film found in Backlight screens for the gameboy. There is a […]
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Bass Boost

GameBoy DMG Bass Boost

GameBoy DMG Bass boost: A while ago I came acroos an interesting article of a modded gameboy with “Bass Boost”. […]
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Circuit bending workshop by Maledictis

Circuit bending guide

What is Circuit Bending Circuit bending is the creative customization of the circuits within electronic devices such as low voltage, […]
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  • DMG Whitening
  • Container and soapy water
  • DMG Whitening

Back to it’s glory

ATTENTION! The information in this page is merely informative. It doesn’t constitute any type of guide or tutorial. Hydrogen peroxide […]
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Roland TR 505 GT

Circuit bending TR 505 GT This is a modified Roland TR-505. An Extreme and versatile circuit bending project. I did […]
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MiniE Enclosure

MiniE slider dolly enclosure

Introduction: The electronics of this project was made a long time ago, after I have built several motion controllers with […]
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PL2 DIY Kit enclosure

Introduction: The Pl2 or “PI L Squared” it´s a tiny synth developed by the Ploytec team at Berlin. I was […]
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MidiBud is a DIY MIDI controller with a 16×2 display, EEPROM, push-button encoder and 5 buttons. The design is based […]
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Introduction to the Harmonograph

Definition from wikipedia: A harmonograph is a mechanical apparatus that employs pendulums to create a geometric image. The drawings created […]
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Router Plunge Base for KRESS

New Spindle: This last christmas I decided to invest in a new spindle for my CNC so I can carry […]
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