In this section I will be adding video demos of different Modemachines gear.

  • About my Modemachines relationship

    A bit of history:

    I was part of the Modemachines team for a few years, as a photographer, graphic & web designer, product specialist and tech support, making demos in worldwide events, such as Musikmesse and NAMM Show. I also made a spanish division where me (mainly) prototyped different projects, made PCB, enclosures and in general research and development.

    This oportunity gave me tons of knowledge in how the manufacturing industry works, and I was in charge of the design of most of their newest machines enclosures and panel designs. I also have the fantastic opportunity to license and make one of my invetions a reality, that was CEREBEL-USB.

    As it stands today I am no longer part of the team but I mantain a very good relationship with the CEO and company.

    Personally I love their products and have a good friendship with the various individuals who created the many products of the Modemachines line, so I decided to make some videos to showcase the functionalities, and plan to add more in the near future.

    None of the content is sponsored.



    After a looong time without posting any video-tutorials, I´m glad to break the ice with this video showing you my 10 favourite features of the SEQ12 Matrix Sequencer by Mode Machines.

    More videos with in depth explanations will come much sooner!

    Audio quality is not the best (Studio acoustics still un-done), sorry about the constant background clicking noises, my good friend and hairy companion didn´t wan´t to miss a scene in this one :)

    Remember there is a mistake in STEP 6. There are 12 tracks, each with 16 sequences of up to 16 steps each (total 256).

    Hope you guys like it.


    Starting with the basics, first video explaining the editing process with the SEQ12, monophonic baselines.

    Next video will cover polyphonic tracks and MIDI Leaarn.
    Music by Inspektor gadjet. Links in Soundcloud.

    Sorry fot the LED Flickeing, due to low light the camera shows artifacts when the LED are half dimmed.


    Continuing with the basics, second video explaining the editing process with the SEQ12, polyphonic tracks.
    We will also cover the recording of MIDI CC messages manually aswel as using the MIDI learn functionallity.

    Next video will cover drum tracks and a bit of shuffle.

    Music by Inspektor gadjet. Links in Soundcloud.



    OMF-1 / 3 PARTS

    Quick test and main features of the OMF-1 Analogue Filter Rack Module by Modeachines. Based on the famous Ladder filter by Robert Moog. The demo consists of three parts:

    1. PART 1: From left to right, we see the controls regarding input and output levels, Cut Off, Resonance, Fizz & Smooth ouputs aswell as the MIX parameter.
    2. PART 2: We will explain the controls afecting the Envelope section.
    3. PART 3: LFO section, threshold and going wild a bit with fiddeling with knobs.

    The spectrum analizer is added as reference of what is happening to the audio signal, it´s my first time doing this so next time I will do things slower and increase the speed of the analizer.




    Introduction on the basics of CerebelUSB by Modemachines.
    Quick hardware description and connections for powering and hooking up your gear.


    This is a short video about the CerebelUSB MIDI Host in a battery powered environment.
    Using the KMI Quneo as USB MIDI Controller and the Ploytec PL2 duophonic synthesizer as Sound generator.
    All working with a portable battery USB 5V charger for smartphones.
    Sound recorded straight from camera so sorry for the low quality.

  • x0xB0x - TB-303 Clone

    Distortion & Overdrive = ACID

    Video showing the new x0xb0x MKIII in action, featuring two pedal FX (AC1 Overdrive & AC2 Distortion) making this synth scream the word Acid :)
    The demo plays an unprocessed pattern.
    It Indicates what pedal is active with an Acid Smiley.
    Half way trough the demo, I added a Kick+Bass combo with some drum elements to have fun and show the lead sound in a punchy environment.



    A look at the full range on offer from Mode Machines.


    Mode Machines have some exciting new instruments and a new hands-on MIDI sequencer at Musikmesse 2015.
    Julian also shows me a new USB-to-MIDI interface, a MIDI Arpeggiator and a standalone VST Host box.

    Nova Musik – Mode Machines new products with Julian Calvo Orquin at NAMM 2015

    Julian Calvo Orquin introduces three new Mode Machines products at NAMM 2015 and provides a direct-in audio demonstration afterwards.

    Mode Machines SEQ12 12-Track Matrix Sequencer is a powerful rackmountable step sequencer for MIDI production and live performance. Tracks can be monophonic, polyphonic or put into a special drum mode. It has two modulation busses for MIDI CCs and modulation envelopes can be ‘drawn in’ on its button grid. SAW12 has one MIDI in and three MIDI outs.

    Mode Machines ADX1 Analog Drum Machine features five analog drum voices with eight controls per voice for a total of 51 front panel knobs; there are no menus or button combinations—every parameter is instantly available. The five individual channels can be triggered via front panel buttons, via MIDI or via five trigger inputs. ADX1 also has individual outputs for each drum voice as well as a stereo main output.

    Mode Machines vPed is a ‘virtual pedal board’ that hosts VST plug-in effects and instruments. Individual plug-ins can be activated and deactivated with a simple press of a footswitch. It also has four expression pedal inputs and four momentary footswitch inputs. Its large color screen and intuitive interface allow quick editing of VST plug-ins without a keyboard or mouse.

    Mode Machines CerebelUSB is a small, portable USB MIDI to DIN MIDI converter that transforms any class compliant MIDI USB controller to a standard 5-pin MIDI device. It also functions as a USB hub, merging multiple connected USB controllers into a single MIDI signal.

    Making Of NAMM SHOW 2015

    Here is a funny little video / making off for the Mode Machines Booth at NAMM Show 2015, mixed with some of our adventures.

    As I´m allergic to peanuts, we had quite a few funny experiences in our trip to California, so we founded no better song for the video that “The Peanut vendor” from 1930 (El manisero) which is public domain now :)

    Hope you like the video!


    x0xb0x + SID + ADX1 + vPed + SEQ12

    I´ve decided to give a sneak preview of some Gear from Mode Machines.
    I´ve been helping with prototyping and beta testing some of this new devices before NAMM show 2015, so it was a great opportunity to make them sing together…

    RAW audio from a standard 16ch mixer to a Zoom H4N, no editing. FX sends are made to the reverbs and FX on the vPed

    Small performance and after a video explanation.
    Hope you guys like it!

    Julian performing at Musik Messe 2015