DIY Random

The Making of the Eskeletron:

Hello everyone, this is a video to show the process of making the Eskeletron, the latest invention I made, the process show as well how I did the PCB and other elements…

The track is called “Ten” and is available in my soundcloud place for free download… My username is Multiman.

Hope you like it!

Sound Example:

Hello! this is my latest creation. The Eskeletron!!

I managed to get this running in about 3 days and it sounds great. It’s basically two squarewave generators with LFOs and a resonance filter.
It is based around the MFOS WSG from Ray Wilson, wich I have to say thanks for the amazing information and guides on his site about building analog synths…

IMO This project is not for begginers… Its actually pretty small and easy to make, but you definitely need some soldering skills aswell as patience for the panel connections.
I made my own PCB board out of a coper plate using quemicals, with the laser printer technique. I will post another video with pictures I took trough the entire process…

I hope you like it!!
All the best.

DIY – Piezzo electric – Contact Microphone:

This is a DIY project about how to make a contact microphone using a piezo electric transducer, available in any electronic shop for a very low price. The funny thing is that thay work pretty well, and they are cheap enough to use them in crazy experiments and destroy them if is necesary.

Sorry if there are spelling mistakes.

All the best!

EGG Timer – DIY 360º Time lapse Pan:

This project intends to show how you can convert an Egg timer in to a 360º rotation tripod, allowing you to do time lapses but with a nice smooth rotation instead of just static planes.

The project is very easy to make and incredibly cheap.

If you have any doubts dont hestitate in contacting :)