Auduino – Granular Synthesizer

The Auduino is an interesting little project that is perfect as a first sound experiment with the Arduino. Its simplicity doesn’t make it boring at all, this little guy is capable of a wide variety of sounds.

It’s a granular synthesizer. Granular synthesis is a method that uses small sound particles or “quanta” to generate complex waveforms.

As soon as I had managed to get some LEDs blinking and some Hello World!… I wanted to make some noise! so I looked around the internet and found the Auduino project by Tinkerit, which is a simple and cheap Arduino based synthesizer that sounds great.

Needed parts for Auduino:

  • Arduino Board
  • 5 Potentiometers – 4.7K
  • Mono audio Jack

I think you can override the potentiometer values ​​if you don’t have those values ​​handy. There are a lot of comments and updates in the Arduino community, last time I checked the project someone had added MIDI functionality to control the synth from a standard MIDI controller, which is pretty cool…

If you want to know more about the project or build an Auduino, use the link below and get your code on the project page. Be sure to check the download section on their website as they have a lot of interesting projects.

Auduino project by Tinkerit

In this video you can hear the Auduino in action! I also provide below the raw file of the recording you hear in the video, recorded in 24Bits 48Khz for you to use!

Auduino Granular Synthesizer – Audio test

  1. Martin monaco Reply

    Se pueden usar potenciometros de otros valores, siendo todos iguales obviamente? Si se puede entre que valores usarian aproximadamente? Gracias

    • User Avatar
      inspektorgadjet Reply

      Hola, en el circuito se muestran de 4,7 K, pero se pueden usar otros valores… por ejemplo 10K, aqui depende del arduino y seguro hay mucha información al respecto online.
      Tampoco han de ser iguales, aqui dependera que sean logaritmicos o lineales, pero arduino medira la diferencia entre 0 y 1023 valores. Espero sea de ayuda!

  2. Guillermo Reply

    Hola! Lo he hecho con potenciadores de 10 k y el sonido es muy pero muy leve.si o si necesito un amplificador? Gracias

    • User Avatar
      inspektorgadjet Reply

      Hola Guillermo, los potenciómetros no influyen en el volumen, 10K debe funcionar bien.
      Lo ideal es conectarlo a una consola externa para grabar o amplificar.

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