Silicone Human Ears

Silicone Ears:

Due to the amount of emails I have received since I did my DIY Binaural Microphone project, I decided to offer some elements which are quite hard to find.

As I explain in my article, the hardest part for me was to find proper and anatomically correct Silicone ear models. In the process of building my own pair, I ended up with molds and experience… I don’t see why not offer it here in case somebody needs it. Find more in the Binaural Microphone V2 page.

The ears have a similar texture to human flesh, they have been made using a high pressure vacuum chamber to avoid any air bubbles.

I will provide with pair of ears like the ones in the image, which are built-in ear canal (just for placing correctly the capsules). They are aprox 9×9 cm and they allow to be installed in multiple situations, either outside or inside the box-dummy head.

The greasy texture of the ears is normal, this is due to the building process which makes it easier to get out of the molds. Wash them using normal water and let them dry in a place with moving air.

For any questions feel free to send me an email.

Link to my ETSY Shop.