Wooden Base

Wooden Base:

This are Wooden Bases to install in my Maniquin Heads. Machine precission with CNC, they provide an easy and elegant solution to assemble a DIY Dummy Head system. Also very used these days in ASMR systems.

Beautifully finished with hand dye and several layers of wax for a durable and old looking finish.

2 XLR Connections included, making easy to add your own Microphones or capsules. The XLR allows for a strong connection of cables so they dont come loose while working or recording.

Another incredibly rare but usefull item for DIYers in the build of a DUMMY Head or Binaural system.

Many users who bought or were interested in the purchase of maniquin heads, asked me how to finalize the project… This seems easier said than done so I decided to CNC some of these Wooden bases for people who needs them.

The base also has a MIC Stand Thread, like any standard microphone, making it perfect to fit in any Mic Stand you might have available.

I also Include in the package a second adapter that screws in to the MIC thread, converting it to a Tripod Mount. That will allow you to use instead of Mic Stands, any camera tripod or light stands available in any studio.

Please ask if you need help or want to make a special change to the shape/conectors.

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