Dummy Heads

This beautiful heads are an incredible help for DIYers involved in the construction of a Binaural Microphone.

Once more, after receiving emails from users in the need of mannequin heads suitable for Binaural Recording, I decided to offer the same ones I found after literally years of sourcing and calling everywhere.

As easy as it might look, finding the right head, shape, material, possible to work with… nice looking… was an incredible odyssey for me. After building several units without a human head, I decided to get a mannequin head to make a more “realistic” Microphone. What a mission!

Online bidding places and just google searches resulted in frustrating results, very expensive and ugly models mainly for hairdresser and sunglasses displays… Some times even made with really cheap materials, foams, polystyrene and so.

A year ago I found what I was looking for… a shop that can source me locally this heads, which are nice, resistent, made out of hard plastic but easy to work with, plus they have a hole at the bottom which is great for DIY. I bought quite a few of them to get a better price and now I want to offer them to whoever might need them.

Link to my ETSY shop.