Binaural Dummy Head – Pro V3


Pro V3

After long time of great results using my V1 and V2 binaural mics, some Sound Engineer friends asked me, why don´t you add phantom power to your Binaural Microphone? My answer was allways quick… At the begining I didnt intented this microphone for studio use, but rather making a portable device which I could take anywhere and get Binaural sound without dedicated sound recorders, using the input of my video or DSLR camera.

However after thinking a lot I decided to go further and make a Pro version allowing Phantom power and balanced outputs for better handling of noise. I also wanted to use better capsules as I found finally in Europe a resource of high quality electrec capsules of the brand Primo.


The specifications of this capsules are simply stuning, considering their small size and similarities with other capsules of this range:

  • The Signal to Noise Ratio of 80dB makes really quiet and perfect for Nature recording.
  • The frequency response, whcih starts to fall slighty over 10Khz, make them less harsh than my other models and the non linearity above that range is easy to compensate with EQ.
  • Very nice frecuency response in the low and middle range, warm and defined recordings.
  • The Maximum SPL is 135dB S.P.L. making them aswell suitable for loud situations.


In the design of the various cases, I allways found many problems to solve. In fact I spent 80% of the time sketching ideas. This time I went traditional with the Binaural concept and decided to use a Human Model Head… Thinking this was going to be much easier… but not at all!

After nearly 2 months looking for all sort of suppliers, Maniquin heads and thinking other possibilities, I finally found the right kind of head I was looking for. Quite happy with the look of it I started the full construction of the first model with an outstanding result in Look and sound quality.

MrBin. was born, I needed to give it a name with personality as now it wasn´t a gadjet anymore, but rather a humanoid looking device.

The overall design idea was to minimize elements that could interfere with the head shape, so all the connections and electronics are located at the bottom of the unit. I beautifully created a base stand out of a piece of Wood using my CNC machine to make all the connections holes and screws to fit perfectly. The Mic Stand connector is in front of the XLR connections, this way they are easy to access and connect.

The Choice of Phantom power allow you to plug Balanced signal cables and in case you need to, use very long leads without introducing hum or noise. In my opinion the best feature about this model is the possibility to use whatever Microphone preamps you have, increasing the quality of the recording significantly when using good preamplifiers.

Audio Tests:

Video Tests:

  1. Julian Calvo Mateos Reply

    Que bien se ve Mr Bin, enhorabuena.

    • User Avatar
      inspektorgadjet Reply

      Muchas gracias a tí tambíen!! la verdad que ha sido un proceso largo, pero ha merecido la pena… y con ayuda de vosotros si no no hubiese sido posible!

  2. DIEGO Orrico Reply

    I know this is a old tech stereo capturing but…It’s funny how hard it is to find dealer or interest in there things…

    Thanks !

    • User Avatar
      inspektorgadjet Reply

      Hello Diego! I normally make this michrophone as Bespoke pieces, it´s not available as a finished product anywhere… The design changed depending on users needs and improvements availables. If you want information about the price and building time contact me through the contact section please :) Ill be happy to answer you any question.
      All the best!

  3. Boguslaw Reply

    I love your design :)
    Where did you find such beautiful head? Wchich Primo capsules did you use? EM-172? It need Plug-in-Power, did you make some circuit to power it with phantom power?

    • User Avatar
      inspektorgadjet Reply

      Hello Boguslaw, thanks for your words!
      The head was found in a local shop here in the south of spain. I struggled to get one online, aswel as being high prices and shipping, so I decided to make a research in an industrial area and ask shop owners, until I found what I was looking for… Last time I went they didn´t have the same model anymore :( The Primo Capsules are EM-173, quite similar to the 172, and yes I built a circuit to power them using 48V phantom. Hope it helps!

  4. Carl Stenqvist Reply

    Hi! Very nicely built!

    I’m making a full surround capable head with 8 Primo 172:s. I am also looking to build the circuitry to have them 48V phantom Powered. May I ask how you designed that circuitry to work as intended?



    • User Avatar
      inspektorgadjet Reply

      Hello Carl, please contact me trought the contact form for more in detail information. I will be making PCBs of the circuit soon so I might be able to provide you with some info and availability. Cheers!

  5. John of Light Reply


    I am interested in pricing for your dummy binaural head. Do you make it withOUT mics? Either way, please give me prices including shipping.



    • User Avatar
      inspektorgadjet Reply

      Hello John, do you mean just the maniquin heads? in that case you can check the prices on my ETSY shop ;)


    • User Avatar
      inspektorgadjet Reply

      New listing in my ETSY shop now including complete binaural dummy heads without electronics or mics.

  6. John Murray Reply

    I have just left a message for you on your Etsy sales site about binaural ears and head. I now see you have made Mr. Bin. I have long been looking for an alternative to a Neumann KU-100 dummy head for $8000.00 USD. Perhaps I could help you develop a market in the USA for Mr. Bin. Please contact me.

    John Murray

    • User Avatar
      inspektorgadjet Reply

      Hi John, sounds interesting to me. Will anwer you there.
      All the best!

  7. lenpoudol anarclik Reply

    Incrible proyecto! l4 Investigacion independiente es la gran oLº. Gracias

    • User Avatar
      inspektorgadjet Reply


  8. Jan Reply

    Hi. It looks amazing!!! :) i bought two primo 172. I find out that I need connect them to phantom power as well. May I ask you for phantom power circuit, please?

    Thank you very much

    • User Avatar
      inspektorgadjet Reply

      Hi, I think we spoke privately?
      Sorry no plans to release the electronic part right now.
      If more people is interested I may put a small PCB and Parts Kit.

  9. Juan Carlos Arévalo Reply

    Se puede comprar ese producto y cuanto es el valor. Gracias

    • User Avatar
      inspektorgadjet Reply

      Hola Juan Carlos,
      Claro que si, te contacto por privado.


    Dear friend

    How I can buy one.piece of mr bin

    I need a system similar to Neumann KU100

    Cheers from Brazil


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