Julian calvo orquin

Portable Binaural Rig

Another Model? Since I started designing binaural microphones and dummy heads, one of the main issues I’ve had were related […]
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Binaural Dummy Head – Pro V3

Pro V3 After long time of great results using my V1 and V2 binaural mics, some Sound Engineer friends asked […]
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Circuit bending workshop by Maledictis

Circuit bending guide

What is Circuit Bending Circuit bending is the creative customization of the circuits within electronic devices such as low voltage, […]
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Ultrasonic – MIDI Controller – ETHERUS

ETHERUS is my ultimate MIDI performance music controller based around arduino. It´s a dream come true after years of try […]
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Arduino Mini MIDI Module

Arduino DIY MIDI Shield

A bit of CNC Workaround: This is one of the first successful tests I made using my CNC. A simple […]
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Roland TR 505 GT

Circuit bending TR 505 GT This is a modified Roland TR-505. An Extreme and versatile circuit bending project. I did […]
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Version 2 of the binaural recording mic

Binaural Microphone DIY – V2

BINAURAL MICROPHONE – DUMMY HEAD DIY V2 Advanced version and improved case strength of the Binaural Mic DUMMY Head. Binaural […]
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Binaural Mic - Inspektro gadjet - maledictis

DIY Binaural Dummy Head – Prototype v1

What is Binaural Recording: Binaural recording is a method of recording sound that uses two microphones, arranged with the intent […]
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