Benny Hill – 8bit Remix This track was made for the video of a workshop I went in the Media lab of “La casa Invisible”. It was done by my friend from Familiar  and I made there my very own 6DE, after some recording rotating images with my EGG Timer Rotating device I needed a track suitable for it. It was composed using sounds from Commodore 64, Gameboy DMG, MIDI NES, Casio PT10, and nord modular. Ho
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InspektorGadjet Pixel art


Inspektor Gadjet: (AKA Multiman) Hello my name is Julian Calvo Orquin I am Spanish and currently I live in the mountains of Andalusia doing a bit of gardening, looking after chickens and lots of DIY projects. One of my personal passions is to reuse or recycle machinery and pretty much anything to accomplish my projects. Because I also have to earn money, I work as a freelance graphic & web designer and do music m
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