Aerial EP

Ambient / Meditation / Overtones / Drone / Algorythms

Aerial EP it´s a present I want to give for people to enjoy, use it for working, studying, meditation, have a bath or any other recreational purpose you might want… I found myself while creating this sounds, inmerse in a sea of peace and relaxation. I litterally played this sounds hours and hours while working in other stuff, cleaning the studio, writing emails… So I thought, this could be enjoyable for many people too.

It´s been a long relationship since I declared my love to algorythmic music. I find fascinating the inherent mathematics behind music and how certain algorythms are capable of delivering amazingly beautiful, allways evolving, understandable harmonies…

My prefered weapon for this task is the Clavia Nord Micro Modular. Trough all this years, I used different techniques and gathered a good amount of patches, most of them never used or unfinished… For this ocasion I wanted to get the most out of a single patch

This EP it´s made of three tracks, which are in essence three Nord Modular Patches (+ Reverb and FX). They use celulla automata, random generators and heavy use of Partials, Additive Synthesis, Overtones and vocal filters…

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
All the best!