Free Culture Festival 7 – 2012

For the year 2012 and 7th edition of the free culture festival, the organizers contacted me to play in a “Sound experimentation session” with different artists which performed, talked or gave workshops during the festival. The artist who performed were: Acoustic Mirror, Las Flores no lloran, Multiman, Familiar and El sueño de Tesla. When we got there, we didn’t really know what to do, how to arrange
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Free Culture Festival 8 – 2013

For the year 2013, the sound experimentation was this time “No Laptop Fest”, so as clearly as it sounds, nobody from the performers used any computer at stage. This limited somehow the amount of artists who played, ans we ended up making longer sets and playing just 3 artists. The whole music set is available here I also made a workshop this year in how to make your own “Reaktable”, using Wiim
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No Laptop Fest 2013 – Live set

Here you have a Live set recorded at the Free culture festival (Malaga/Spain)  NoLaptopFest 2013 edition. Recorded by Chinowski and the sound activation group for the NoLaptopFest in the concerts room of the “Casa Invisible” in the 8º Free culture Festival, 26th April 2013. Nord Micro modular. Elektron Octatrack Eskeletron Analog Theremin Fractal Secuences, celula automata Enjoy it! Download the whole set
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The Roland TR 505 GT GT stands for Great trip… as any small performance in this device is always a Great Trip! Using a heavily modified TR505, this sound collection recreates the pure flavour of circuit bending and chiptunes in one. The patch bay allows for a huge amount of bending combinations. Many of the mods add some “Synth tone” character that resembles old computer gameboy sound, as is square
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