Waveforms & Slices

Waveform-&-Slices-V1-InspektorGadjetWaveforms & Slicing V1:

This Free sample pack contains Wave Forms from the “Adventure Kid” collection. Boosted by the Elektron User community now featuring 4400 Single cycle waveforms tuned in C.

The waves are contained in more than 100 Sample Chains, the end of each file-name specifies how many slices there are.

Featuring Commodore 64 Waveforms, retro computer games and synths, RAW Waves, classic instruments, electric bass & guitar, human voice or theremin…

This collection of Single Cycle Waves is the Ultimate Swiss Army Knife for Mono Machine, Octatrack or any other machine/software capable of loading them!!

I added a 4 slices sample containing 4 types of noise: Filtered, White, Pink and Brown.

I hope you enjoy them!

For more info read my tutorial.

Enjoy them!